Hunters Gate   

Holmes Chapel 

Client:     Private
Area:       1 ha

The brief from clients at Hunters Gate was to obtain planning approval for a new full-sized tennis court within the rural setting of this existing farm, stables and equestrian centre. The site was particularly problematic due to its proximity to Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Previous architects had failed to obtain approval so Workshop Design Studio, in collaboration with Emery Planning, reviewed all potential options and devised a solution which eventually obtained planning consent via the appeal process.

The proposals partially removed an existing stable block and housed the court within part of the existing farm house garden curtilage and a section of the existing floor area of the stables. This reduced the building mass on site and allowed for the tennis court to have breathing space from the existing house whilst being easily accessible to residents.

The most important part of the scheme was providing suitable finishes and materials, ensuring the court sat well within the existing context.

Following successful planning approval, Workshop Design Studio project managed the demolition of the stables, groundworks and the installation of the court by specialists, Platt Construction.

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