Totnes Road 


Client:     Private Client 
Area:       45 m2

The client was a keen cook and entertainer and as is the case for so many typical Victorian terraces, the house had a small kitchen which was isolated from the dining room, preventing interaction between the two spaces.

The existing walled garden was not large enough to facilitate a large rear extension and so a small modern intervention was proposed to infill the small patio area. Although only a 18 m2 extension (6x3m), the addition allowed for a combined dining and kitchen area, with the existing dining room becoming a useful second lounge space.

As the rear garden faced north west, it benefited from great evening sun. To maximise light permeability and afford views into the garden, the extension had a glazed end and large expanse of roof lighting. Two further glazed slots on the sides allowed light to permeate without creating any overlooking issues from the four neighbouring properties whose rear gardens terminated on the boundary of the property.

The design of the extension was a modern black box frame to contrast and complement the existing brick house.

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